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My name is Dulichand Kaliraman and https://loanandmoney.in/ is my website. I am a blogger by passion and write on different Social and Developmental issues like International Affairs, Trade, Security, Politics and Economic Policies. In this blog, I try my best to give Loan and Money related material in Hindi language.
I am a poet also and write poetry in my native language Hindi. One of my poetry collection was published in the year 2004 named “Devta Nahi Rahe”. Another collection “Ashabhav ke Khilaaf” is under review with Haryana Sahitya Academy. 
I am published author in different websites like ‘Pravakta.com’, ‘Indiapost.com’, Aajsamaj.com and print media like Swadeshi Patrika, Halant, Navlay Anubodh, Agenda Bharat, Vartmaan and many more. 

You can contact me for any further information.
About Me:
Name: Dulichand Kaliraman
City    : Karnal 
State   : Haryana 
Email  : admin@loanandmoney.in